Brand new shopify, payments disabled - Profiling us by our name?

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Recently my company has gone through a transition where our Highway Safety division and our public safety division has split into two.  One remaining with the original company and the public safety division forming a new company by the name is American Public Safety.  We previously used Shopify so decided to do so again with this "new" company.  


We created our Shopify account a little over a week ago and the website is still in the process of being put together.  We have no products on our website and have only had total transactions for in store purchases which were paid for in cash.  


Yesterday we received this email - "

We are constantly monitoring businesses we are supporting on the Shopify Payments gateway. From this review, your business has been identified as presenting an elevated level of risk for customer disputes that we will be unable to support with Shopify Payments.

Please note that while you will no longer be permitted to use Shopify Payments as your payment gateway, this does not affect your use of Shopify, which you can continue to use. Rest assured your remaining payouts, for orders processed, will be sent per the normal payout schedule to the bank account on file."


How could they come to this conclusion considering we just "opened" our store but a week ago and have not even added our inventory or set anything as available to purchase?  The only thing that could've made them make this assumption would be they are profiling us based on our name which is horrible.  We are specifically in the business to provide gear, equipment etc to Americas Law enforcement, EMS, firefighters etc. so that is why our name was chosen.

We have gone ahead and set up for however now our 4 Shopify card readers are useless.  Is there anything that we can do?  We never even had a chance.  Thank you for your time.

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