Broken Order - I want to manually set to fulfilled

Broken Order - I want to manually set to fulfilled

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I have an abnormal situation. I had an order where the customer paid for 2 items, but the link to the provider app for 1 product disconnected. Their developer couldn't fix whatever broke in the order, but I worked this out with the supplier to get the 2nd item ordered and fulfilled on a separate order. Now the original order is stuck showing 1 item unfulfilled (partially fulfilled). Trying to cancel the 1 item in that order or request fulfillment didn't work since it's "broken", nor could I change location, etc.

I want to keep the payment history intact on this order, but mark the order as fulfilled. Is there any way "on the backend" to do this?

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I think changing location would be the way to go, if it was connected to a 3rd party service.


If you aren't able to change the location it probably means that product doesn't have a location to change to. To solve that you'd go to the product page and Edit Locations, and assign a location that you control.


Then go back to the order, change to that location, mark fulfilled.

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