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Bulk Tracking Apps that DO NOT go to 17Track

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I was curious to see if anyone else was having issues with the 17track site. We are currently using BulkFulfill to import our tracking & the site it goes to(17Track), doesn't work half the time or gives false information. 

Does anyone know of a bulk tracking fulfillment app on Shopify that will go straight to the carriers site?

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Hey man,

May I know which Courier you required the most..? There are several site that provides same result as official websites shows at real time.

Many people trouble the same issues arise like you faced.

Though I would like to suggest you to look out some app like , and might helps. 


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Hey @F101-TEAM,

   Not sure if you solved this already.  Does the app set this site by default or is it something you're uploading with the tracking numbers?  We have a customer using our app, EZ Fulfill, that will upload their tracking numbers using this URL  I'm not sure if this will work for you or if you can upload the tracking URL with your tracking numbers.

   Hopefully something like that will help you.  If not, our app does allow you to upload tracking URLs with your tracking numbers so you can point your customers to the above mentioned track your parcel site or you can provide the carrier and Shopify will build the tracking URL for you.

I hope this helps...feel free to reach out to us if you have questions.

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Well, it's a common question that I used to meet. Recently I have switched to another app Track123, which offers bulk Tracking and straight links to the carrier sites rather than its official website.


Step 1. Click on the tracking number, head to my branded tracking page


Step 2. Click on the logo of the carrier and head to the carrier website.


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