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HI guys,

Currently this is the shipping rules on my site:

1. Orders below 50 : 3.99 shipping

2. Orders 50 and above : Free shipping.

Now I have a problem. I am thinking of a promotion where I can specify products in a collection where when customer buys x number of products in a collection, they qualify for free automatically even when the order do not hit 50!

How do I do this? When I look at the available shipping modules out there, none seems to be able to do so! 


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Seems like you could fake it with weight.  Give the products that count toward the promotion a large weight (like 10kg) and everything else a small weight (like 0.001kg; I don't know if the system will allow zero).  Then set a weight-based free shipping rule to trigger if enough of the "heavy" products are in the cart.  This works because you don't seem to be using weight to determine shipping costs otherwise - it would be more complicated if you needed the weights to be actually correct for calculated-price shipping methods.  You'd probably want to check through your page designs carefully to make sure that the weight numbers are not shown to visitors anywhere.

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Hi there Hubba!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for reaching out here to ask about your specific shipping rates requirements.

I've thought of a couple of options that might be helpful here, have a look at them to see if something like this might work for you.

One way you could try to do this with just the admin functionality would be to create a discount code in your discounts menu for a fixed cash discount that would equal your shipping cost (eg. $3.99) and have this discount apply to a minimum purchase from specific collections you select. 🙂

This would require the customer to input the code at checkout themselves, so might not be ideal for your purposes.

The other option would be, as you said, a shipping app to handle this rule calculation.

For this level of conditional logic, I would suggest the excellent Bespoke Shipping app as this one will allow you to build the type of rules you require.

This app would require some programming knowledge to get the most out of it, but I understand the app devs are willing to provide such services if you don't already have a programmer you prefer to work with.

Have a look at the app store page above and if you have further app-specific questions please reach out to the app developers by using the contact form or email address listed there on the page. 🙂

Best of luck with everything here!

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thank you very much john. it is quite daunting to be playing with codes though.. but yeah I will look at the apps again and talk to the developers. 

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Is there still no work around on this? 

I would only like free shipping to a specific collection but free shipping only applies to all items?