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Buying my own products to keep for myself

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Hey all,


I have not had much luck figuring out what I thought would be a common topic. I run an online clothing shop - not dropship, I have all the products here with me. My question is, how do I go about "officially" marking out any clothing pieces I decide to keep for myself, and just pay the sales tax on those items (and no shipping fee)? I am in Texas if that is pertinent. I thought I could just go through the normal checkout process on my website like a customer and use my debit card, but the internet is telling me that this may be a no-no, and Shopify may flag the transaction since I am  the store owner.  I've also toyed with creating a 100% discount code for just myself, but that does not remove the shipping cost at checkout.


Since the inventory was not charged Sales tax when I purchased it initially, I don't think I can just keep the items and call it a day, because sales tax still needs to be paid somehow on my items I'm keeping. Thoughts on this?

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You can use another credit card. Maybe a friends and send the fund back to that friend

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