Calculate flat rate shipping based on the weight of the cart.

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We use two flat rate shipping packages:  Small, Medium

The type of package is determined by weight of the product.  Once the weight of the cart exceeds the "Small" threshold, we use the "Medium" packaging.  The current configuration works if the order is multiples of the same product and therefore the shipping price is calculated correctly.  However, if the customer selects two or more different products (2 different skus), the shipping is calculated for each product.  Example, if the customer selects 1-Product A, and 1-Product B, it adds the "Small" rate twice which is double of what we want to charge since the two products together fit in the "Small" package.  In this example, we would like to select the "Small" rate based on the total weight of the cart, not based on each individual item packaged separately.  


Is there a way to configure this behavior?

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This is not possible without a 3rd party app.


I have built an app for solving this pain point and currently looking for users to pilot the app (for free). Would you be interested?

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