Calculated shipping prices (UPS, USPS) - Where/how do they calculate it if I have 20+ Suppliers?

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I have 20+ supplier Locations set up for my drop-ship store. Still trying to figure out how UPS/USPS know that I am shipping from one location or the other, so they can accurately calculate shipping costs to my customer's zip code.  Where/how do I say that:


  • Product A - ships from Location/Supplier A
  • Product B - ships from Location/Supplier B

I am baffled on this one. For some reason, I cannot figure this one out.  My test orders have calculated shipping costs as like $32 for a simple bar glass shipping within the US.  Should be closer to $4.  Something not right here.






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hi @DaveGee ,


You might need to set up configurations for your supplier locations and handle product inventory across all these locations. For guidance on getting started, you can refer to this article.


I understand that this may pose some challenges. As an alternative approach, you might consider offering an approximate flat rate or free shipping to your customers and then adjusting the product prices to account for shipping costs.

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