Calculated Shipping Rates Based on Dimensions

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I have a client selling art from the US and shipping internationally and they need to show shipping rates based on dimension (not just weight).  They also want to take advantage of discounted carrier rates, rather than just using their own carrier account with standard rates.

They wanted to use Shopify Shipping but that won't work because Shopify Shipping doesn't show dimensional shipping rates to customers at checkout - therefore shipping costs would be much higher than what the customer pays.  Does anyone have a workaround for this?

We then looked at Shippo because they offer highly discounted carrier rates on major carriers - however, the app doesn't have the ability to show shipping rates at checkout.  They suggest using the USPS Rates Calculator and then setting Flat Rates based on that but that's not showing true shipping costs and it's a big task with over 5000 products!

The only other app to offer discounted carrier rates is Easyship and they do show shipping rates at checkout.  There's a lot of work to set up all of the dimensions for over 5000 products but it seems this is the only way.

Other apps like Multi Carrier Shipping Label could work but they don't offer discounted carrier rates - you need to use your own carrier account and rates are not as discounted as Shopify, Shippo or Easyship.

It just feels crazy hard setting up something that surely thousands of merchants need.

If anyone can help me out with this I'd be super grateful.