Calculating shipping for custom products with user input dimensions

Calculating shipping for custom products with user input dimensions

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Hello All,


I have scoured the forums, and tried a dozen apps, to get the shop to function how I need it, all to no avail.


I have installed Custom Price Calculator app, which is performing fine for calculating custom pricing. 


I have tried multiple real time shipping rate apps, but they can not handle the custom sizes, or even shipping the sizes at all (some items can get very large and heavy).


I found an app called Plugin Hive Ship, track and Trace. They can handle the sizes of my largest products because it connects to fedex freight, but It can not get the custom products weights or dimensions.  Some other apps were able to at least pull the weight that the custom price calculator is able to calculate, but this one does not. None of the apps were pulling custom dimensions.


What are my options?


I have looked into custom metafields, but it looks like I can not send information to the metafield from any form.


I have been in touch with PH Ship, track and trace, they do use shopify metadata to gather the info, but they said I have no way of editing that outside of the admin console on shopify.



FedEx API requires dimension and weight to calculate the shipping rates. I dont know if the metafields get sent direct to fedex or it goes through PH shipping app. Im wondering is there a way to take the user entered data, and send it through the fedex API to calculate the actual shipping? Then have it show up on my checkout page.


I can not sell without shipping costs as they are considerable and very dependent on the sizes.


Im open to any ideas.



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Have you tried the Dynamic Product Options app? It will calculate product shipping weight based on user input.