Can anyone help with UPS daily pickup charges on Shopify?

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So I set up daily pickup with my UPS account.  However, I usually use UPS thru Shopify.  The daily pickup is $36 each week.  If you spend more than $75 that week on shipments the daily pick up is only $19 a week.  I spend way more than $75 a week on UPS thru Shopify.  But I'm still paying $36 because UPS doesn't see what I spend thru Shopify.  Does anyone know how to fix this?



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Are you using Shopify's UPS rates or using your own UPS negotiated account rates?


If you're using Shopify's UPS rates those packages aren't being shipped on your UPS account and would probably not count towards the $75 requirement for reduced pickups. If this turns out to be the case you'll need to connect your UPS account to Shopify and use those rates for future shipments. 


Shopify covers how to do that here -

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This is a really good question. Thanks for posting it and possibly bringing it to the attention of Shopify. My family has been with UPS since 1989. I know all the drivers and the details of our specific route. I decided to cancel our daily pickups because of the $36/week charge. My driver for my pickups was outraged because she knows exactly how much we ship and how long we've been with UPS but our sales rep didn't budge from her pleas. I understand why. We have no evidence that we ship as much as we do with UPS because we're no longer using our UPS account. We're using shopify's. So our UPS rep isn't going to give us any flexibility with the daily pickup cost because we have no evidence that we do in fact ship 30 packages a day.


So, my question is. If I pay for a single pickup which I saw on one was $4 through shopify for a UPS package. Will the driver who picks up that one, take all of my UPS shipments? I tried to pass off two to DHL through shopify and the driver wouldn't take both. Will UPS be different?

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I have no experience, as I mostly ship USPS via Pirate Ship (but UPS Ground Saver is lately often cheaper that USPS, hence here I am), but they MIGHT pick up all your UPS packages if you only bought one through Shopify, BUT those other packages may be subject to various UPS surcharges that Shopify CLAIMS you will not be charged if you (I assume) ship and schedule pickup through Shopify.