Can Cybersource gateway adapt to a new payment acceptance policy?

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I am new to Cybersource payment gateway and I am not sure if it is possible to custom-implement our company's new payment acceptance policy with Cybersource gateway or any other payment gateway.  


Here's how  our new payment acceptance policy looks like


1.  We have several physical store locations but they are grouped into 7 different sub-companies (ventures).

2.  Originally, all online payments go to only one MID's then the Finance Dept. manually distributes the sales revenue to individual sub-company.

3.  New policy, payments on checkout should automatically go to a corresponding MID (from 7 sub-companies) depending on which store location was chosen  by the customer.  Example how our stores ownership are grouped by sub-companies:


Sub-company 1:  Store 1, 2, 3

Sub-company 2:  Store 4, 5, 6

Sub-company 3:  Store 7, 8, 9



Normally as I can understand, the payment method plugins only applies to a single Merchant ID. If ever it involves multiple processing, it may be applicable for a single MID to multiple websites only but not the other way around, i.e. single website to multiple merchant ID.


Hope you can enlighten or guide me on how we can successfully implement this.


Thank you.

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