Can I buy regular stamps or print address labels through a Shopify app?

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I sell stickers and I've always shipped using first class, which ends up being $1-2. I ship my orders in a regular envelope that weighs about 2oz. I've been wanting to make shipping costs more affordable for myself by using regular stamps. My question is, can I purchase a regular stamp through Shopify or a Shopify app? And if not, what's the easiest way to print out address labels (not shipping labels) for my orders?


I've downloaded and tested out so many address label apps and most of them seem so clunky and not worth the effort. Why can't Shopify allow you to print out an address label without needing to purchase a shipping label???

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Hey! Did you ever figure out the best way to go about this?? Thank you in advance!

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Hey Mandilynnwrites. Not sure if this is the solution you're after (and it is a third-party solution which may not be ideal), but in Starshipit you can use Australia Post Postage Paid, which is label which comes with a postage paid imprint. It is suitable if you send regular quantities of mail, or small items. Just a thought and obviously if I'm off base, no problem at all and I hope you find a solution!

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Greetings, @mandilynnwrites  @Row !


Unfortunately, carriers do not offer API automation for prepaid envelopes/stamps. As a result, neither Shopify Shipping nor any other app can provide this functionality.


As an alternative, you can modify the packing slips template in Shopify by retaining only the necessary address information.

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What's unfortunate is that it's offered as an option in Etsy through Pitney Bowes, so it is possible.