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Can I combine Klarna and Swish payment options for my Swedish online store?

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Hi. Wondering if I can offer Klarna and Swish for my Swedish online shop.
As shopify has Klarna but not swish I need to add QuickPayment or Mondido to get access to swish.

My question is this, will I not be able to keep Spopifys payment options including Klarna then? Or can I combine these two - shopifys payment + mondido. Or will Mondido be the only option then?

Swedish customers like the options of Klarna and swish. So I need to figure this out.
Does anyone know anything about this combo?
Thank You / J

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This Daniel hayslip some ones Ben getting in my account

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Hi, sorry don't understand your answer

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I see this is from some time ago. Did you manage to do it? I'm sitting in the same boat right now. I want to add swish to my shop, but I'm not sure what's the best way to do it.
I believe you can have shopify payments, and just use swish from mondido for example, but I'm not sure how it goes, or if it becomes more expensive this way.