Can I connect both USA and Japan FBA accounts simultaneously?

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We have our products ready for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in Japan and want to connect them to our website. Currently, we already have an FBA setup in the USA, utilizing the "Buy with Prime" feature.


Is it possible to have both the USA and Japan FBA accounts connected simultaneously? Additionally, we want customers from Japan to see their own "Buy with Prime" button on our website.


Thank you!

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Yes you can connect as many FBA accounts to your Shopify store as you want (I know people connecting 4 or 5).


For customers in Japan seeing their own "Buy with Prime" button, you could use an app (or code directly into your theme) to detect where the user is browsing from, then swap in a Buy with Prime button (basically a button linking to that product in Japan Amazon, I'd assume) for the people browsing from Japan.


Here's a loose example of what you could do:

// Code to determine if location = Japan

if (locationJapan) {
  // Replace or show a buy with Prime in Japan button



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