Can I get a refund if I was scammed on a platform?

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I believe I got scammed. The scammer was using shopify as it's billing source. It means you guys are able to intercept that and get me my money back. Can one of you contact me via email or something so I can provide details on why I'm certain it's a scam and get my money back? Thank you.

Btw, it sucks we cannot contact you via chat or directly...

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Hello @montegmail 

The best way is to contact Shopify support


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Hi @montegmail 


Thanks for reaching out here - welcome to the Shopify Community.


I am sorry to hear about this situation where you believe you have been scammed. Would it be possible to provide some more context on what has happened? If you don't wish to provide specific details here in the public Community then that is no problem, however having more basic information would help me to provide you with the best next steps to take.


Have you placed an order on a store you think is using Shopify, and experienced issues with it maybe? If so, then it would be best to reach out to the store directly as they will be the best equipped to handle your queries. We have some information here about the various ways you can do that. If that doesn't help to resolve this then contacting your bank/payment provider would be the best next step to explore the refund options available to you.


Perhaps this is in relation to a Shopify Partner and involves charges relating to an app, theme, or expert services provided? 


Just so you know, as @ZenoPageBuilder has kindly mentioned, you can contact our team 24/7 via our help center here. If you have a store then you can login and choose the store, then select the support topics and you will be presented with the contact options for our team. If you don't have a store then you will need to click either the 'Can't log in to your Shopify account' option to reach our team unauthenticated, or choose the 'Get support as a customer of a Shopify store' option to see more information regarding buyer support.


Feel free to reply here with more information about your situation, and I would be happy to discuss this further and provide relevant information and next steps to assist.


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