Can I integrate Bank Alfalah Payment API into Shopify?

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Hey everyone,

I currently want to integrate Bank Alfalah API into Shopify, Is there any possible way I can integrate that into Shopify?

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Hi @xain143 

Hope you're having a great day!

Hosted Payment SDK integrates your hosted payment page with Shopify's checkout. As specified by Shopify, Hosted Payment SDK is no longer working:

We're currently not accepting new access requests for the Hosted Payment SDK because we're improving how payment partners can integrate with us. Also, as of December 31, 2021, existing HPSDK integrations will be deprecated and will no longer be able to process payments.

You could learn more about payment providers in your country or region here:

If you have any further questions, please do reach out either here on the forum, or via private message/email.

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Hi, did you get the find any solution for this yet. If yes, do let me know please.

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Hi, This is the Recommended way by Bank Alfalah.

Please install the Shopify APG Extension by following the link below. Also for generating credentials follow the steps.


Shopify Plugin Installation URL :

Merchant Portal :


Credentials Generating :

               Sandbox: Sandbox is the testing Environment where you can test the transaction flow of APG.

  • Login into merchants portal 
  • After login GO LIVE - Step 1
  • Access Sandbox.

o   On Dashboard page generate Credentials


o   Return URL “:

o   Listener URL “

  • Share the credentials with us, so I can provide the Account ID and Password for Shopify App. Credentials list is given below

o   Merchant hash.

o   Merchant username.

o   Merchant Password.

o   Store ID.

o   Merchant ID

o   Key1

o   Key2

you can fetch store ID, Merchant ID, Key1 and Key2 by clicking integration -> Page Redirection. On page redirection page there is html tab. By scrolling down you will find the above required credentials.

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It gives the error 'Merchant not approved' when I enter the URLs you have given.

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Hi buddy, did you find a solution for this?