Can I limit an alternative payment method to only the Japanese version of my site?

Can I limit an alternative payment method to only the Japanese version of my site?

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I have recently just opened up a new website in Japan where convince store payments are widely accepted. It is an "alternative payment method". Since I am selling in Japan I have both an English and Japanese language for the website. Unfortunately the company for the convince store payment requires, for the English language side of the website, that it be not possible to choose the convince store as a payment service. 

So, is it possible to have the "alternative payment method" only be available to the Japanese language side of my website and not the English?

(I currently use an app that allows for me to translate between the two languages, if that makes any difference)

Thank you for your help!

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Great question!

It is not possible to change the payment providers that appear based on the language that is being viewed. The checkout will show all payment providers that you have enabled in Settings/Payment Providers. 

Are you selling in English because you have international customers? If yes, then you could consider having two stores. One for English and one for Japanese. That way you can have the desired setup of only offering specific payment providers to customers viewing your store in Japenese. 

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You can limit an alternative payment method to only the Japanese customers based on the country, not the language using the PayRules: Hide Payment Methods app. Here's how you can do it:


  1. Add the alternative payment method (Convince) in the "Additional payment methods" field.
  2. In the "Countries" field, select "Hide if not found" and add Japan.



This will ensure that the alternative payment method is only available to customers accessing your site from Japan.