Can I split an order into two sub-orders for partial fulfillment?

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Is there any way to split an order into two sub orders? I have orders that contain both in-stock items and items that are on pre-order. I'd like to fulfill the in-stock items while waiting for the pre-order inventory to arrive. I know that this is possible within shopify when fulfilling yourself, but I use a 3PL and it doesn't appear as though their WMS system can support the partial fulfillment.


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You should feel no shame in telling your 3PL that they need to update their system to support split fulfillment of orders. This is way to common of a thing to not support it. 


As a suggestion for their WMS you could tell them about SKUSavvy which will automatically split orders when inventory is out of stock on one product in the order, and not on the other. When inventory comes back in stock, the system will open up the order so that it can be fulfilled as part of the normal fulfillment process. Your customer will get two tracking links so they can see each of their orders, and within Shopify you will see the order as partially fulfilled. 

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Alternatively, for any merchants who operate their own fulfillment and are looking for a solution, check out SKUSavvy which is a Shopify WMS that leverages all the key components you'd want for fulfilling a few orders a day right up through to thousands of orders daily. 

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Hi @jamisonpereira ,


Are you still having the challenge in this post? If so, please take a look at Order Fulfillment Guru. It can automatically split orders into suborders, in addition to these key features:


- Split & auto-assign orders to locations & fulfillment partners based on advanced rules
- Automatically split & route orders to warehouses & partners
- Sync products, inventory, and orders between Shopify stores
- Built exclusively for Shopify, so you can use Shopify instead of a learning new platform


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The SplitOrder app is worth looking at for this. 


You can set up a rule in the app that will automatically split pre-orders out into a separate order. They can then be fulfilled separately from the in-stock items. 


If using a separate WMS like ShipStation, the rule can be setup to create the new order in ShipStation instead of Shopify if needed. 


If you need to offer customers different shipping options for the Pre-order items at checkout (with different costs), I.e...


  1. Ship in-stock first, then pre-order later $30
  2. Ship in-stock and pre-order items together $15 can set this up in the app too so the customer is presented with different options at checkout. Then, you don't have to 'eat' the costs yourself to ship the pre-orders separately!