Can I use multiple 3PL partners across different countries on one website?

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Hi there,


Currently we have a 3PL set up in 1 country and are looking to expand into another country. 


Is it possible to set up with a second 3PL partner in a different location and still use the same website? As all the orders will be coming into 1 website, but 1 3PL partner fulfils orders in country A and the 2nd 3PL partner fulfils orders in country B. 

Is there an app or something we can use to set this up?




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Hello! We are having the exact same issue. Were you able to figure something out? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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Got the same question: We have 2 different Shopify sites, one for US and one for Canada. Each site is connected to a 3PL in its respective country. We want to have just one site and use the US 3PL to fulfill US orders and the Canadian 3PL to fulfill Canadian orders. How do we do that ?

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I have exactly the same question.  Has anyone gotten an answer?  We'd like one Shopify site with separate 3PLs for Canada and the U.S...