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Can Shopify calculate shipping from one location?

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Our business has 5 locations where shipping is handled from a warehouse. Multiple locations would feed the inventory and fulfill the order while shipping was calculated from one address. Internally we would transfer products over within the day for the warehouse to ship. 

Due to COVID-19, we had no choice but to turn on the in-store pickup feature which forced us into 'multi-origin' shipping. The multi-origin shipping is combining rates at an absurd level despite shipping taking place from one address. 

One order we received had items coming from three stores and charging over $75 for shipping. When in fact, it costs us only $23 to get it out. We had to take this order manually away from the platform to keep the business. The idea of 'combined rates' helping merchants is creating extra steps and turning customers away. Our abandoned cart rate is through the roof. 

Shopify suggested an app at $85 a month to potentially alleviate this issue or suggested hiring a developer to create a custom app. Though I understand some advanced features and wants require third party apps, why is Shopify ignoring so many retailers complaining about a 'combined rate' issue? How do you justify paying for Shopify Plus if it can't calculate shipping costs. 

Why don't merchants have the power to pick between a 'combined-rate' or a single origin rate?


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Totally agree! We are having the same issues and many of our long time customers are getting very upset with our shipping rates. At this point we have just turned shipping from that location off forcing all orders to funnel through our 1 inventory instead of 2 different inventories which in turn we are losing out on sales if we don't have certain sizes in stock at our 1 store that they can order from. 


We have researched over 100 apps so far and have not found a single solution to our issue. 



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Still no fix here. Very much the same excuse of "there's an app for that" ( there isn't) and that their team will consider this as a feature request. All we want is for shipping to be calculated from one address so customer's aren't given double/triple shipping costs at checkout. Yes, we have 5 locations but we ship from one warehouse. 

This update on the Shopify Home tab was timely and quite funny: 

In the last 30 days
62% of visitors who entered their shipping details did not continue to payment
Offer discounted shipping rates to increase conversion.

A bit difficult to tackle when it's the platform that is doubling our shipping rates.