Can Shopify multiply shipping cost by amount of items? or weight?

Can Shopify multiply shipping cost by amount of items? or weight?

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Is it possible to have the shipping cost increase by a set amount per specific item?


Let me give an example. Someone orders 1 product (of a specific type) from my website. Shipping for them in their zone is $25. When they get two of those products, I want it to become $50, then $75, etc


Same for when they choose express shipping for that product. Goes from $45 for 1 to $90 for 2 and onward.


Right now I've looked at configuring this with rates that change by weight, but I'd have to create a lot of rates and there's always the chance a customer wants more than the weight I've offered and cant place their order because of it.


Is there any native function or plugin that can handle this request? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @colcord,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'd be happy to provide some assistance with this request. 


If you're looking to avoid adding shipping rates with weight conditions, you can look into flat rates that are based on price as opposed to zones. For example, you can set up shipping to be: 


  • $0 - $50 = Free shipping
  • $51 - $100 = $25
  • $101 - $500 = $50


This will help to avoid rates from doubling and/or combining. Alternatively, you can check out the Shopify App Store. We have various shipping apps available that may assist with your business needs. To learn more about adding shipping rates, you can check out this page


Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Blair | Shopify 
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Hello @colcord 


There is no native function in Shopify to automatically increase the shipping cost by a set amount per specific item.


You may want to check out the PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app. This app allows you to configure shipping rules based on per-item quantity limits. You can create two shipping rules for each of the shipping options and configure the amount. The app will automatically multiply the cost per quantity. This calculation will apply to all items in the order and not specific product types.

Hope this helps!

Keerthi Sree
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Hello @colcord ,

For your requirement to increase shipping costs by a set amount per specific item, you'll need to use a dedicated shipping rate management app. The apps mentioned earlier, like Advanced Shipping Rules, Better Shipping, and Parcelify, are designed to handle complex shipping rate scenarios and are better suited for this purpose.


  • Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup: Great for managing delivery and pickup dates but does not handle per-item shipping rate adjustments.
  • Advanced Shipping Rules, Better Shipping, Parcelify: These apps are recommended for setting shipping rates that increase based on the quantity of specific items.


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