Can some shopify staff enable stripe? I can't use Shopify payments

Can some shopify staff enable stripe? I can't use Shopify payments

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So my store is registered in the US but since I'm not a US citizen I can't use Shopify payments, and all other payment gateways are as useful as Leaky Bucket, very bad payment gateway options, 99% of them don't work if you're a beginner, they only accept you if have like 1000s of dollars of sales or just outright don't work.


No payment gateway options are available for beginners at all.


Can anyone from the staff enable Stirpe as an option for my store so that I can get along with building my store?

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Hi @Ethryl 

Make sure Stripe support your country so you can add it from your Shopify store > Settings > Payments 

Stripe global availability:

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Hi Dan, 


I can't see an option for stripe in third-party payments option since shopify payments has replaced stripe, but shopify payments requires an SSN which is only available if you're an US citizen and although my business is registered in the US I'm not a US citizen. 


So I need stripe for my business since all other available payment gateways are useless and don't work so if anyone from Shopify staff is able to direct me on this would be helpful! 


Thank you!