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Can Spotify automatically select an on-demand printing provider based on the customer's location?

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I have a store. I want to sell a poster.

I have two on-demand print providers. One in North America that serves the continent. One in France that serves Europe.

Can I create a single product that is connected to two separate on-demand print providers and uses the one that is closest to the customer?

I have not opened my store yet. I plan to only use products that are from eco-friendly, fair trade textiles and paper, and vegan inks, where possible. I have T-Pop in France, which to the U.S.A., production and shipping currently is taking 2 weeks+. I also have connected several services that are in North America, which have super fast turnaround inside the continent.

I do not want my customers to order a product that will take them 2 weeks+ no matter where they live. And I know that Printify, Printful, Lulu and T-Pop have comparable products that overlap, especially in fine art prints, t-shirts, etc.

My plan, unless you can offer a solution that is more behind the scenes, is to organize my store's products by provider location. This way the customer will have to choose a country by clicking into a collection. This way I can keep shipping costs and time localized to the customer as best I can from my end using the UI.

Or maybe I just suggested a new feature. ❤️ And if so, you can pay me in crypto. 😄

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Hi there, 

Did you end up getting an answer to this question? 


I'm in the same position so would love to know how you ended up working it out! 


If not, hopefully this comment puts this question on the map again for the Shopify staff haha