Can't Accept Payments 'language' issue affecting new 1-page checkout

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With the new 1-page checkout there is a strange issue. When you get to the checkout page and scroll down to look at payment options, before filling out shipping address, the Payment section says "This store can't accept payments right now."

Well, this is very disconcerting to the user, who may think the site is down or misconfigured. As a user I may want to see my payment options before filling out the form. Does the site offer just Paypal or can I pay with a credit card? Can't tell from first glance, because when I scroll to that section it just contains that error message.  And the fact is the site is accepting payments, it's just you need to complete the shipping section first before displaying checkout options, but that is not clear!


Screenshot 2023-10-01 125831.png


The error SHOULD say, please enter shipping details to see options... or something like that...


I think it's a remnant from the old 2-page checkout. You want to throw that error if someone accidentally lands on the Payment page before filling out shipping, but now these 2-steps are combined and this error message is quite disconcerting.

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