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Can the same product be in different shipping zones?

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We have five products that we plan to ship nationwide.

For select states that can do 1-2 day Ground Shipping, we plan to charge a flat rate. For the rest of the states, we want to charge a UPS rate (more expensive).

Is it possible to have our five products ship to all states, but charge the UPS shipping for the states outside of our Ground Shipping Flat Rate area?

I tried to set this up in the Shipping Zones section, but when I try to place a test order, it will not let me place an order to the states in the UPS zone.

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Hi. Did you ever figure this out? When I added a different shipping zone, the products switched over to that zone but now aren't showing in the zone I'd already set up. How do I ship all of products to different zones?

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I have the same problem, if I create a new shipping zone and add a product, it disappears from the others. Did you find a solution?

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Hi @HolyGrailGames,


I think this can be solved if you set shipping profiles. You can take a look at this guide:

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and thanks for the reply. The concern is that by using shipping zones, I cannot assign the same product to 2 zones. So unless I'm mistaken, I have to duplicate all the products, distribute them on a stock each time and only then assign a product to zone 1 and its twin to zone 2.


But all products, whether in zone 1 or zone 2, will be visible to all customers who have another concern. So I need to deploy a system that masks based on IP. All this is very heavy in terms of management.


Why can't we put the same product in 2 shipping zones?

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Hi! Did you end up finding a solution for this? The same thing is happening to me, every time I assign a new shipping zone, the product disappears from the previous one... Thank you!