Can we add Revolut Pay as an accelerated checkout option?

Can we add Revolut Pay as an accelerated checkout option?

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Hi everyone,


Revolut just launched Revolut Pay. Here some news about it.


From their description, it should enable users to checkout with one click - similar to Google Pay or Apple Pay.


Since Shopify Payments is not available in Romania Google Pay is not available as an accelerated checkout option.

Apple Pay is only available to users browsing on Safari - too few people would browse our store on Safari.

Paypal has close to zero users in Romania.



Can we please have Revolut Pay as an accelerated checkout option next to these 5:

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Here are payment options accepted by Shopify in Romania check it out for a better option as revolt pay is not listed for Romania.


Some accept credit, you can follow up better explanations after checking out the link

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My request is not about payment providers. I know the list of payment gateways that Shopify lists, I also know there are several others you can use. Revolut can be simply added as an app, it goes directly into the Payment tab in the Settings and so on. You can use Revolut as a payment gateway on Shopify.

That being said, Revolut Pay is a solution that is similar to Apple Pay, Google Pay and so on. They have a large customer base, they have their payment information. When checking out and using Revolut Pay I just click on my account and they have all my information like billing or shipping information (just like Apple Pay or the others accelerated checkout solutions). 


That's why I was asking for Revolut Pay as an accelerated checkout option, not as a payment gateway. I already have them on our store as a payment gateway.


Here I am attaching an image of how Revolut Pay's checkout looks like . This is a page to which I got from my current Shopify store, through Revolut as payment gateway and by choosing Revolut Pay as the payment method. Below the 2 black lines is just a name and an e-mail address which are there to identify and confirm the Revolut user account.


Revolut Pay screenshot.jpg


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If you have a Stripe account, you can accept payments and subscriptions with Revolut Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and more via Stripe >>