Can we change the default shipping profile for new products?

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Is it possible to make one of our custom shipping profiles the default one?

Nowadays the type of product that we add more regularly to our new products is one associated with one of the custom shipping profiles. However, when adding a new product it automatically goes to the general shipping profile and we have to change that manually.

It would be useful if we could change the default shipping profile.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @zohia,


Yes, it is possible to make one of your custom shipping profiles the default one in Shopify. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Login to your Shopify account and go to the "Settings" section in the lower left-hand corner.

  2. Click on "Shipping and Delivery" from the settings menu.

  3. Scroll down to the "Shipping Profiles" section and click on the name of the profile you want to make the default.

  4. Click on the "Make Default" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  5. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to make this profile the default. Click "Make Default" to confirm.

  6. Your custom shipping profile is now the default shipping profile for new products added to your store.

Changing the default shipping profile will not affect existing products in your store. You will need to update the shipping profile for each existing product manually if you want them to use the new default shipping profile.

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Hi Anindita, thanks for taking a look.

Unfortunately I don't see that option, neither at the right hand corner nor anywhere else.

Any idea why?



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Following - came here for this exact same question 🙂 

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Came here for the same reason and this solution doesn't exist 😞 


Any update?? Thanks!

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This does not work. Getting very sick of all this support that leads to nothing, furthermore, WE have to keep paying for these mistakes that can't be fixed. Leaving this RIP OFF platform if nothing gets done about this. Pathetic!!!


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@zohia @gmckinno @Stephenszoo 
If you are open to third party solutions, you can try Shipr app for this. 

Automate & bulk assign products to shipping profile: Auto Shipping Profiles: Shipr
Calculate accurate shipping rates: Shipping Calculator: ShipMagic
Hide, rename, reorder payment methods at checkout: Payment Customization: PayMix
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Oh is this the solution? Cough up more money for an APP when there should be a solution in the first place? Wow...

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This appears to be common practice for Shopify. They couldn't care less about solving customer problems, because there's no money in it for them! However app developers who sell apps on the Shopify App Store pay 20% in app revenue to Shopify, so it's another revenue stream for Shopify - at the expense of their customers, of course.