Can we file a class action against fraudulent charge backs?

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Anyone interested in filing Class Action against these charge backs?  I provided proof buyer received product - USPS tracking number - yet bank took money out my account and charged me $15.  The bank fraudulently stated buyer never received product, is refusing to refund the charge back and making me pay to be taken advantage of.  It's mail fraud.  Anyone tired of being taken advantage of and wants this issue investigated or rather a Class Action please let me know.

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Um, yes. Its absolutely absurd. We have received multiple chargebacks on orders that the customer placed in person and walked out the door holding. Its fraud and the banks and Shopify are leaving small businesses holding the bag. Its unacceptable. Would participate in a class action if there was one and will be looking to take my business elsewhere asap.

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I would be in.  The credit card companies collect huge fees.  What are we paying those fees for?  I thought we were paying those fees to guarantee we get paid.  Credit card companies need to be accountable for fraud that their customers are committing or enabling by losing control of their accounts.  If we provide the service or product, we should be paid.  More and more there is a group of people using this to get free product.  


Even when we verify orders with customers, get driver's license photo, have photo proof of delivery onto their doorstep......our chargeback challenge is still lost.  How do the banks get to decide?  They have zero interest in being fair.

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100% we are in. Please email us at

shopify, the banking system, the merchant provider all know how illegal this is and they allow it. Essentially allowing customers to come in, rob us and then we have to pay these providers after being robbed. 
why are we paying a transaction fee if there is no protection?  Why are we paying a fee to be on shopify if there is no protection? 
did you know the final outcome is the customers bank who gets to decide on the outcome? This process is the most biased opinion and all small businesses are suffering due to illegal chargebacks which is on the rise in Canada.


the worst part about this is we have zero rights as a business, shopify tells us they are not held responsible but wants their money even after a chargeback and then puts a system in place on their shop app that we as vendors have to stay under 1% chargeback ratio.


How do we stay under 1% when it’s extremely easy for a customer to file a chargeback and win it even though we provided them with the item. It’s complete ludicrous and we are 100% ready to join a class action lawsuit. Systems need to change. Ironically banks if they are robbed the person robbing goes to jail but the new digital way to rob a business is a chargeback and then these banks shopify and merchants literally charge a fee for it happening to us and these big companies are capitalizing on these chargebacks. It’s sickening and they turned robbery into a business.

we are in. Please email us. Let’s get these big corporations and take them down.