Can we please add dimentions of box sizes for each product. So calculated shipping works correctly.

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I want to use Sendle, the default courier for Australian Shopify users. Since there is no way to put the dimensions inside each product, how would Shopify know which package size my products will fit in? I sell toiletries and household goods, so as you can imagine, I have all different sizes with different weights. I have three different boxes and two sachets.

Without the system calculating correctly which box or satchel it will fit in, the calculated costs will be all over the place, so I will either lose customers or have to pay extra for the incorrect postage expenses.

I currently use a plugin for this feature. Hence, the calculated shipping works perfectly, but because it's a monthly subscription in USD, it's priced at $10 USD per month, which is $15.40 Australian dollars. That's $184.80 per year, JUST for me to type in the dimensions of each product. That is a significant costly expense; such a feature should be included inside Shopify. Not everyone has a business with one package that fits all. 


I am considering closing my business because of all these extra costs.

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You can create a metafield definition for the dimensions and attach it to the product. Then you can store the dimension of each product. But I don't know how to calculate the box can fit in all products with the dimensions

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One option here could be to use a shipping app, of which there are a few available directly in the Shopify App Store (Starshipit, for example). In Starshipit, you can create a set of predefined boxes. Then, automatically import the weight of an order item from Shopify.

Orders are automatically allocated to the correct box and labels are created without having to manually enter in dimensions or weight for each item. Let me know if you'd like to discuss more 🙂

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