Can you ship cosmetics with Shopify Fulfillment?

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I'm confused about shopify's fulfillment policy regarding beauty products. It doesn't specifically say that we can't ship cosmetics to the fulfillment center (IE: body lotions)

Can someone verify if you are allowed to ship cosmetics? Beauty supplies may be what they are referring to, but I could be wrong.


It says this:


SFN doesn't store or ship regulated products that pose operational, legal, or safety risks. To be eligible for SFN, your product can't belong to any of the following categories:

  • pharmaceutical products
  • prescription drugs and medications
  • medical devices
  • nutritional supplements and other pseudo pharmaceuticals
  • soaps or hair products
  • toiletries
  • beauty supplies
  • any equipment used to produce, conceal, and consume illicit drugs
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BUMPING, because I really need an answer to this question.


Thanks, sorry.