Canadian Website Isn't Able To Sell To Americans?

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I'm so new at this, it's embarrassing. 


I have a boutique in Canada. We opened our website using Shopify, with no prior experience with websites and how to operate one. We originally set it up so that we'd only ship in Canada, as we didn't want to figure out the shipping to the States right away. Now, we've gotten a bit bigger, and thus a bit busier, and want to open up our market to the States. I thought I had it all set up properly, but I've been messaged by a few American would-be customers that our website won't allow them to check out once their American address is entered. Can any tell me what I need to fix, please? This is way outside of my skill set!

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Hard to know the issue those customers face without seeing an example, but I would first suggest you look at your shipping settings. It's possible you set up shipping for only Canada so when someone is from the USA they have no shipping options to pick, so can't proceed. Adding rates for them should sort that out (if my assumptions on the issue are correct).

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