Cannot cancel order after the order is fulfilled.

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Hi People,

I have a doubt with respect to cancellation of order.

I have partial payment kind of system wherein the customer pays a small amount upfront(non-refundable) and then the leftover amount at the time of the delivery.

So I had this enabled on my website, but there has been a scenario wherein a customer denied taking the order and now the return will be done by the same shipper. The issue is that we do not want to refund the customer as we have a non-refundable partial payment option for cases like this. However, I am not able to cancel the order now. So how can I cancel the order ? I can just create a return and complete that return and the order still looks active with tags like returned, partial payment.

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Try unfulfilling the order (click the 3 dots in the fulfillment order box and select Cancel fulfillment), then cancelling it.


Or maybe you can mark the order as paid, or remove the product (after unfulfilling it)

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First try what @JoesIdeas suggested.  If that doesn't work, please share what happens when you try to cancel an order