Cannot override basic routing rules?

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The issue:

We have 1 fulfillment center in Canada and 1 fulfillment center in the USA. When one fulfillment center runs out of stock, we want to keep overselling in that warehouse and not send that one item to a different country to ship.


I.e. customer lives in Canada and orders products A,B,C,D. Products A,B,C are in stock in Canada, but Product D is 0 stock but a shipment is on the way. We want to have product D oversell to -1 for Canada, and when it arrives the next day, we send out all A,B,C,D from Canada, to the Canadian address.


However, what is happening is that the routing system will automatically send Product D to the USA where we have 100 stock. Now we are shipping A,B,C from Canada and D from USA. It is doing this automatically and we must go in and manually change fulfillment locations. This has been arduous.


This seems extremely simple, but I just spoke with Shopify Plus support and they said there is no way around this, and that I need a developer to help create a custom app. Does anyone have insight into this? Does such an app exist already? I imagine I am not the only person with this simple problem?


I've spent an hour or two looking at apps and browsing support articles - not much luck yet.

Thanks kindly,

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