Carrier Calculated Shipping - Box Size?

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I am setting up the carrier calcualted shipping and do I have do that thing with the default box size ?    I am confused because different items would need different size boxes and  I will not know the box size if they order a combination of products.

I think I found my answer , the boxify app. 

Thank you so much ! 

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Hi, Leigh!
Andres from the Guru Support Team here :)

There are a few possible solutions to this, and you've touched upon one already! Let's unpack those here:

1. Apps like Boxify will definitely solve the issue of multiple box dimensions. Another option would be Advanced Shipping Manager. As well, you can also search for other possible candidates by searching the Shipping Apps section! 

2. For an alternative free workaround: you could set your Default Package in your Shipping Settings to be an average weight across all your different packages. This will maintain consistent rates but this method does have its limitations.

I suggest trying out both options to see which works best for your business!

Best of luck, 

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You can use the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that will help you handle packaging process with ease. There are multiple packaging methods that are based on the weight & dimensions of your products. You can create custom boxes based on the product dimensions and the app will help you get the shipping rates accurately.

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But using Boxify forfeits the ability to use shopify's custom rates with carriers.