Carrier calculated shipping for a product that requires two boxes to ship

Carrier calculated shipping for a product that requires two boxes to ship

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Hi! I sell a very large product that has to be shipped in two boxes. I cannot figure out a way to have carrier-calculated shipping available for this product. I want my customers to be able to check out and immediately see and pay their shipping costs. Is there a way to do this? I should add that the two boxes are different sizes and weights. One is for the frame of the instrument (it's a marimba-think huge xylophone), and the other is for the bars. Thanks! 

I was hoping to have Fedex and UPS available as well as DHL Express Worldwide available to customers.

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Hi @SavannaCardenas,

You can enable the carrier calculated shipping in your store that allows you to connect different carriers and display rates at checkout. However, regarding your requirement, it won't be possible to directly achieve this in Shopify since it is a single product that needs to be shipped in two boxes. As you may know, Shopify only offers one box size to be sent off for live rate calculations, regardless of the size of the actual order. The only possible way to handle this in Shopify is to consider this product as two different, by which the weight-based rates calculation would be of help.

Since you have multiple package sizes you want to ship with, you would need a shipping app that handles the packaging process and allows you to calculate and display accurate rates at checkout.

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of an app that helps you calculate the rates based on your requirement. But, our FedEx Rates, Labels & Tracking app helps you split a product into multiple boxes, and print FedEx labels based on the scenario. In your case, the app helps you split your product into two boxes; xylophone in one box and the bars in the other. You can choose the type of box and also select the number of boxes in which the product is to be split and packed. The total price will be split according to the number of boxes and the labels will be generated for all boxes as well. Please do note that this process only helps you generate labels based on the accurate cost and not to display rates at checkout. For any help required, you can contact our support. 

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Any reason why Shopify would block the ability to ship in multiple boxes? Seems like the most basic need and programmer's cant overcome that obstacle?