Change an order from local pickup to shipping or Vice versa

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I’m looking for a feature to change an order from local pickup to shipping. Customers pick the wrong option often so I need ability to change it so I can print a shipping label.  The only thing I’ve been able to figure out is creating a completely new order for the customer with the correct option selected. This takes time and also messes up reporting as well as confuses customer with multiple orders. Can a feature be added to Shopify so I can change an order to shipping or from shipping to local pick up.

I am on Shopify Basic Plan

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I have the same issue.  Were you able to get this resolved?

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No they have not addressed this 

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Hello @lazylivin and @mmonik  ,

Sandy here, from Store Pickup + Delivery.

If ever you were to use our app, please note that this information can be edited, through the "More actions" drop down menu of your order ( in Shopify ).



Which will open a page in our app, where you'll be able to edit the method, the location and the date and time.




Don't hesitate to reach us at, if you have any questions

Wishing you a lovely day to you both !

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The app sounds nice but $360 a year is very overpriced for what we need a local delivery label, for local delivery by hand or customer pickup in store 

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I have this same issue, has Shopify addressed a work around for changing an edit from local pick up to shipping so shipping label can be printed?

Thank you