Change Bank Details On Inactive Shopify Store

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I got a problem my shopify store got deactivated 3 months back all my payments pending in shopify payments got hold for 120 days. I did put my wise bank details for payout on shopify but recently wise randomly started to deactivated alot of accounts and mine was one of them.

I have like a month from now on when my shopify payment will be release to the bank account which was on my payout. Now wise told me any payments done to my bank details will be reverse and send back to the sender.

So i need to change the bank details on the file now. I can't do it because my store is terminated and I can't login to the store and change it myself. I am asking from support again and again to do it but they every time refer me to the email which I got of my account termination that was from Risk Analyst team. I did message the risk analyst he said he can't change the bank details on the file only support can do it or can redirect me to the correct team..

Tell me which is the correct team, Which team can change my bank details ??? I am not getting anywhere... 

Help me otherwise I will lose my money.

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did you ever get your money back? please answer me