Change shop currency and checkout currency.

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Apologies if this has been asked and answered before, but I am based in the EU so my shop and checkout is in Euros, however i'm selling in America so I need customers to see my store and checkout in Dollars for the obvious reasons. I have a currency selector drop down but I'd prefer if there was a way to change this for good without the need of an app, and the checkout still changes back to Euros. Any way to change this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Evan!

Lisa here from Shopify Support. 

At this time, from the Shopify admin, the currency at checkout can only be set to one currency at all times, and not interchangeable based on where your customers are. 

However, the good news is, there are third-party apps which some stores are using that allow multi-currency checkout. The developers at MLveda have made a Multi-Currency Checkout App for Shopify that allows your customers to Checkout in more than 125 currencies based on where they're checking out from. See more information about their app here.

Hope this helps!

- Lisa ?

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Not sure if this is still needed, but stumbled across this post. We have a multi-currency app for Shopify as well that will actually bill (charge) the customers in all the different currencies as well.

You can choose to only display the currency conversions but always charge in your base currency, OR you can actually bill in as many different currencies as you like too in the checkout. 

Hope that helps ?

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I too find it hard to comprehend that Shopify doesn't provide a multi currency checkout. We sell digital products all over the world and desperately need this!  I'm not convinced that Shopify is committed to providing this. But how difficult can it be?!!! Especially as their payment gateway is Stripe and Stripe accepts multiple currencies 😕

Multiple stores are not really an option for us because of the extra management overhead. We also want just one URL. Shopify Plus is not an option because of the huge hike in costs and we simply don't need that kind of heavyweight solution. We simply want to let our customers pay in their local currency. It really isn't much to ask is it!!?

We have explored the possibility of using Bold Cashier but that's not suitable for us as it doesn't handle EU Taxes according to EU rules and isn't compatible with other apps that can handle these taxes.

A self hosted self developed solution is not an option for us as we don't have the time.

I'm really disappointed to reach the conclusion that we will have to ditch Shopify.

What e-commerce platforms are others using? Does anyone have any particular recommendations? We want something that works out of the box if possible.


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Hi Sally. Can you please send me an email to regarding the platform

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Would like to run a shop in a minimum of four currencies and also the checkout should occur in one of these.

In the themes editor I already had a bad feeling if at all it would work. Products without a possibility to have different currencies seemed also strange.

Summing up features on your home page should also show restrictions of your plattform!!! It can not be that to know the features someone has to read the issues.

Automatic conversion for whole currencies is not so interested as found here (we want to show rounded amounts, products sold cost above 70 EUR):

I looked at MLveda, but paying for another service and applying for a Stripe account will also have its hurdles and Stripe does not support Paypal.

@Shopify, are there any multi-currency paying options coming in the near future?

@others, what other possibilities did you look into (maybe even non Shopify ones).

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What's been the feedback on the MLVEDA multi currency check out app - is it any good? 

I used the currency converter they did but had to ditch is as it didnt integrate with a facebook store or intragram shopping - it messed up all the prices. Will the MLVEDA multi currency check out app create the same problems? 



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Such a complication.  Bad that the chechout is so limited.  Shopify should rectify this as it is such a basic feature of a store.  show any local currency while charging in the store currency.  

That said, Bold Cash is definitely the option I´d use... lower pricing which is key with same features.  

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Hey Jay, I can't find an option to let bill in a different currency through Bold Multi-currency. The customers see the prices in their local currencies in the product page and the home page, but it switches back to the store's base/default currency when they try to checkout. I would want my customers to be able to checkout in their local currency.


Would I need to install Bold Cashier for that?

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Did you find the solution ?

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Hi, I am also facing this issues. I have been working for almost 2 month to switch from Magento to Shopify, and when I have all set and ready I just found out that international visitors are force to pay in Euros (my base currency). I know my customers will add their credit card for a transaction in Euros, as they do not know the amount that they are paying. So that is not the way to go for me. I have been commented about Bold Cashier that just takes 0.5% on sales comission. But forces to use Stripe or other non-shopify credit card gateways. Plus have very bad reviews So I am considering just write as loss the time dedicated to Shopify and stick to Magento. Even when I still think that shopify is much faster.   

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Hi guys,


If you accept shopify payments you can enable multi currency checkout, and use an auto currency switcher -- I just dealt with this through customer support. I did not know this was an option until just now, but seems to have fixed my main problem. If you accept a currency thats not included, I think you will have to go with a 3rd party checkout. 

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Yes, Mlveda creates the same problems with Instagram, Facebook and any third party service providers like stockists.

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I agree I am having the same problem and can't seem to find an app to fix it. 

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This one works only with PayPal and Stripe

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hello Lisa,is there a way i can keep my shop display currency in SAR and make the checkout amount appear in SAR and dollar together and the payment be in dollar only.

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Any solution?