Change to Payout and now can't see payment schedule

Change to Payout and now can't see payment schedule

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Has any one else noticed that you can't now see how much you are going to be paid out each day? I can only see on the day how much I have coming in and then a balance but not sure how the balance payments will be split per day?

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Hi @betsy-floss 


Are we talking about payments after you removed or switched Shopify payments account to third party payment provider? If yes, you cannot really see your payouts transactions on your Shopify admin if that is the case. You can try to check your third party provider account and see if there are any payout transactions there.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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We're seeing the same issue, the scheduled payments in the payouts section is now only showing the scheduled payment for the following day and is not showing the scheduled payouts for the next 2-3 working days.   We can only see a whole balance which is not helpful for cashflow planning. 

Spoken to Shopify admin and they have been useless not understanding the issue with their own system.   As far as I can see it is either a bug which they are fixing and the customer support is not aware or they have changed the system and again the customer support is not aware.   Absolute pain.


To confirm we are using Shopify Payments not third party.