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Changing info on shipping & return labels

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hi, I’m having issues with my shipping and return labels when they print. Can anyone help me with the issues described below?

1. I'd like to change my company name in my shipping labels and return labels. We are a jewelry company and I don't want our boxes to let other people know there is jewelry inside. Our company name is Petit Anjou--how do I change the label so that my shipping labels and return labels say "PA" instead of "Petit Anjou"?

2. I'd also like my business address (a UPS address) to appear on my shipping and return labels. Right now, my personal address (25 xxxxx) is still appearing on the labels. How do I change this?

3. When I print my shipping labels, both my company name and the recipient's name print twice. How do I fix this? Please see the attached photo for how my labels are printing.

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