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Changing Payments from AUD to USD - Still not fixed?

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I have noted that this is an ongoing issue for vendors based overseas. We are an Australian company that turns over $1 million a month in the US. We wish to move our Shopify Payments to our US Entity and its own bank account. No we do not reside in the US but we are employing there.

There is ongoing difficulty with doing something so simple that will save tens of thousands of dollars in conversion fees for companies like ours. Apparently we need an SSN to change bank accounts, even though IRS, the bank and our suppliers all accept that we have an operating US company and have an EIN.


Why is this so difficult to do within Shopify?

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If you're a registered with the IRS as a biz you should be ok to use an EIN vs SSN as part of the approval process. You would need to SSN if you're in the USA but sounds like you're not based one what you've posted here.


Now I'm ready to be wrong, but would suggest you contact the support crew back and make it clear you live outside of the USA.

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