Changing the price according to the payment method

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I want to switch the final price according the payment method


Credit Card Price: 100$ (Normal Price)
Cash, Transfer or Deposit: 95$ (5% less than the Normal Price )

And I want to reflected every time the client change the payment in the checkout, I read there is no way, but there is a way I can save some money for the customer paying by Cash, transfer or deposit? Or maybe an app that can make this posible or some way?


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One idea, is you could offer a discount code for 5% off for people paying cash. Then if someone uses that and pays with credit card you can cancel the order (or have an app automatically cancel it if those conditions are met).


The challenge there might be an issue using multiple discount codes.


Either way, I think you would have to do this with discount codes, because the price is set for the product in your database, so you can't change that for a single instance at checkout.


Another idea, you could offer people a 5% off coupon if they pay with cash. For this, you could email them their unique discount code after the order is placed (this can be automated of course), then they get 5% off on the next order.

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