Charge Now and Later for Rental Business?

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Hello friends!

I'm starting a bounce house rental business and I'm looking at Shopify for my ecommerce solution.

My problem is, I need to collect a deposit up front, and then charge the card one file when I pick up the rental.

Does Shopify have any solutions to be able to collect credit card information and authorize maybe for teh deposit, and then charge the entire amount once I pick up the rental?

Thank you for any tips or ideas you may have.

I have looked at WooCommerce and as well for solutions. 

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Remember that the exact implementation depends on your business needs and technical expertise. Always prioritize security and compliance when handling sensitive customer payment information. Also, consult with legal and financial experts to ensure that your payment processes meet all regulatory requirements. There's a lot to learn from the portal it's really done smartly. It's also worth contacting Shopify support or consulting with Shopify experts for additional guidance on setting up a specific payment process in the platform.