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Anyone else receiving chargebacks even though you proved the delivery? I believe shopify does not inform the bank accordingly and we end up losing lots of money. This is not fair and it happens to me all the time. I only send low risk orders, all trackable. Do you know how this works with other platforms? 

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Hi @burcu!

Ivy here from Shopify. 

I am sorry to hear about your chargebacks - they are an unfortunate part of the ecommerce experience.  You mentioned that you feel Shopify is not informing the deciding bank of certain information relating to the chargeback - I just want to assure you that all the information we pass onto the deciding bank in relation to any chargeback is the information you provide us in the evidence gathering step of the chargeback process. Shopify's job in a chargeback is simply to pass the information you have provided onto the deciding bank. For future reference, the typical process for a chargeback dispute looks like this:  

1. The cardholder disputes a credit card charge with their bank.
2. The cardholder's bank sends a chargeback request to the credit card company, and takes the disputed amount and a chargeback fee from you.
3. The credit card company asks you for evidence that the charge was valid.
4. You and Shopify gather evidence to figure out whether the charge was valid.
5. Shopify sends a response to the credit card company.
6. The credit card company reviews the evidence. The review can take up to 75 days after the response is submitted.
7. The credit card company resolves the chargeback.
8. If you win the chargeback, then the cardholder's bank returns the disputed amount to you, and Shopify refunds you the chargeback fee. If the chargeback is a partial win, then the cardholder's bank returns some of the disputed amount to you, and Shopify still refunds you the chargeback fee. If the cardholder wins the chargeback, then the disputed amount and the fee isn't returned to you.

I absolutely understand how frustrating and disheartening losing a chargeback can be, so I wanted to compile some information for you on how best to avoid fraudulent charges, and how to protect yourself from chargebacks:  

Although it is almost impossible to completely avoid chargebacks, following these guides should help to minimise their impact on you going on you going forward. 

Thanks, Ivy. 

Ivy | Social Care @ Shopify
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