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Hello there,


The checkout currency of our store is Turkish Lira. A customer entering from Turkey sees the prices in TL. However, a Turkish customer (Order No: 1181 - Nesrin Beksac) who made a purchase of 20,500 TL last week had been charged 21,212 TL by his credit card. This situation shakes our trustwothy. When we checked in the admin panel, Shopify first converts 20,500 TL to Euro. Then it sends the Euro amount to the customer's bank to receive payment. This causes a currency difference.

The reason why we made the checkout currency TL was not to encounter such an exchange rate difference. We are looking for an urgent support for a solution.


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Hi, @SerenaUziyel1.


Have you contacted our internal team about this situation? If you haven't already done so, that would be your next best step in order for us to help investigate this situation in more detail.


While our Community Forums team are able to support general topics and enquiries, account-specific questions that are related to a particular order, like your case here, would require the help of our live support team. They have the appropriate tools and resources to authenticate you against the correct store, in order to then securely access your store to locate the order from their and conduct a more in-depth inspection of the matter.


So from here, please navigate to our Help Center here, and type contact support in the chat box. Follow the prompts given by the virtual chat assistant from there, and you should see the option to connect with a live support team member. Our team will be able to assist you further from there.

Kimi | Social Care @ Shopify 
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