Checkout options pick up / local delivery

Checkout options pick up / local delivery

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shipping across the country and pick up in store. we also sell in store to general customers in store.

I was hoping to be able to add an installation option to our check out. 

Ideally so theres the 3 options: Pick up, Delivery, In-store installation.

If the customer chooses in-store installation I would like there to be a fee that changes based on how many items they would like installed/how many items in their cart. 

If this is not possible then possibly if I could have another option in the pick up menu where you can choose installation in store. 

If there is anyway I can do this or something similar please let me know.

Happy to provide any further information if it can help 🙂

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Hi TyreDispatch,
Veno from Zapiet here. 
Our app Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery allows you to set up store pickup, local delivery, and shipping. 

Through our Zapiet Pickup + Delivery app, customers can access and interact with a widget featured on your store's cart page. With this widget, you can easily enable store pickup, delivery, or shipping services - or any combination of those three. Depending on your Zapiet plan, you can access a suite of features, including blackout dates, order limits, product date restrictions, and product preparation time. Additionally, you can integrate the app with other services such as productivity, subscription, and last-mile delivery apps. 

I suggest checking out our demo store at, as it will give you a glimpse of how the app looks and functions from a customer's perspective. Also, you can take a look at our App compatibility guide to view all the apps we are currently compatible with.

You can try out our Zapiet Pickup + Delivery app for free by taking advantage of our 14-day free trial. Just follow the Shopify app store link and start setting up the app with your store:

If you need more information or help with configuring the app, feel free to contact our support at We offer support via chat, email, and live calls.