Re: Checkout page displaying "there was a problem with our checkout."

Checkout page displaying "there was a problem with our checkout."

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Please help! I chatted with live support and he basically told me all of my customers will have to learn how to open an incognito window to pay their invoices that they receive by email. Please tell me there's another way around this? I may have to consider switching platforms as this is already causing problems for my customers. 

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Getting the same error with no help from Shopify. Can someone at Shopify please assist?


"Clear browser cache" is not a solution if it continues to happen after the customer has cleared their browser cache.


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Hi, @gracetoyou618!


Welcome to Shopify Community. 


Thank you for sharing your question with our network and adding that context. To further clarify when using an incognito or private window is recommended, it's important to better understand how browsers work to load websites. 


If a customer has visited your website in the past, their browser will store cookies and have locally have pre-loaded elements of your website to help it load faster. In more technical terms, this is referred to as storing data in a cache memory. 


If that cache memory begins to store an outdated, or in this case a, version where the checkout is not working, then the user will have to use an incognito or private window or simply clear their cache and cookies for long-term effectiveness. This is part of regular upkeep for all internet users and is an expected part of how browsers work as the cache can grow quite big and significantly slow down loading. 


Regardless of which web-hosting company you use, Shopify or otherwise, this is an unavoidable part of having an online store. 


As for, @MAIUS, if an issue persists after trying other web browsers and devices it can be ruled out as being a local issue. For support with this, contact our live team through our Help Center directly.


Warm regards,

Olivia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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