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Hello there.
I have some of the questions regarding checkout and payment gateways please help me out. I am using shopify basic plan. 
Is checkout page is customizable in terms of code? I am not talking about styling like background-color of page, typography of checkout page or button style or anything. 

Is this customizable which is shown in below image? consider there is only one payment method which is paypal which i have selected from settings->payments. I do not want to show like this options because there is one and only method then there is no point of showing options. I want to ask that is it possible to deactivate shopify payments (card payment)? and there is one more question i want only one payment method paypal through which customer will pay but i do not want to show ( perticular paypal symbol). How can I edit checkout.liquid file as I know I do not have shopify plus plan and but if i have shopify plus then is it possible to do?




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Hi @Yasvi !


For Shopify basic plan, checkout page customization is not possible as it will require you to be on Shopify plus plan in order to do so. For payment option, yes, you can deactivate your Shopify payments payment gateway or method and have Paypal as the only payment method. You do not need to worry about other payment method showing on your checkout page because, the only payment method that will appear on your checkout page is the only one that you activated. However, the Paypal logo will remain. 

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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I have paypal as the only activated payment method for store, but that should not appear in frontend ( checkout page ). Is it possible by doing coding through checkout.liquid file or any other way and not show paypal but accept payments in paypal? and provide me the code of checkout.liquid file that how it looks and how they embed payment methods via coding.
Waiting for answers.