Chinese New year pre-order season questions

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During the Chinese New year season, the manufacturer will be on holiday for a period of time. We are planning to launch a pre-order session, but we have queries based on the following possible scenarios:

1. Once the customer placed a pre-order, and we choose to capture the payment into Stripe while waiting for the manufacturer to resume operation after the holiday. The question is: how long can the order remain unfulfilled without any dispute?
2. Or, should we choose to proceed with order fulfillment through the supplier/fulfillment center, while waiting for the supplier/fulfillment center to resume operation after the holiday, and complete the fulfillment?

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KAD Pre-Order app support agent is here. Our application has a partial payment option so you can set a % from the set price that customer will pay now and the rest of the payment can be requsted with the invoice when product will be ready to ship. Partial payment is an optimal solution for you and your customer, a compromise sort of, that may help you to avoid disputes. Also you can use different types of notifications to inform the customer that delivery is delayed due to Chinees New Year or any other reason. 

Feel free to test maybe it appears to be exactly what you needed. User feedback is highly welcomed.

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