Chip and Swipe reader wont connect to tablet

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I had this issue about a month ago and after trying to fix it with the online chat they sent a new one. Well it's still not working. The card reader will connect to my phone and it shows it's connected on my Bluetooth from the tablet but when I open the pos app to connect hardware it doesn't show anything. I've tried everything that say and it's frustrating that I can't use it without my phone. The android app is up to date,  the app is up to date but it won't connect to it!!

Is anyone else having this issue?? Is there a way to fix it?? The only thing I haven't done is factory reset my tablet, but I was trying to avoid that.

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I was just having this issue, and what I had to do was go into the settings on my iPad and then into app permissions:  Shopify POS didn’t have Bluetooth permissions turned on.  Soon as I gave it the ok, it found the reader and linked with no issues!